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 We went to an old temple in the south end of Kyoto. The temple is in the prefectural boundary in Kyoto and Nara.
The temple had been built 1000 years ago.It has been built in a remote place far from the capital at that time.

Approach to a shrine

The name of the temple is Joruri-ji Temple.
There is a pond in the center of precincts. There is a building in both sides of the pond. They are a main temple and pagodas.
The place with three-storey pagodas is this world. 
The place with the main temple is in the paradise. The alias is the world of the dead.
There are  nine golden image of buddhas in the main temple.

This is an image that we are looking at the world of the dead from this world.

This is an image that we are looking at this world from the world of the dead .

When we walk round a pond, we can see this world and the paradise.
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